Your ATM Card is in Danger

Thief’s Want Your ATM Card

Modern cyber thief’s us devices know as ATM card skimmer to steal you credit and debit card information. These set ups vary in sophistication but the general set up is the thief puts a card skimmer inside of the credit card receptacle at the ATM. This card skimmer reads your credit card information. Thief’s will also install a hidden camera somewhere on top of the ATM to capture you entering you PIN code on video. Another way that the thief’s capture you PIN code is they put an overlay over the keypad.

ATM Card Skimmer Camera

How To Protect Your ATM Card

While any ATM card can fall victim to these tactics, the most obvious ones that thief’s target are the portable ATM’S, and bank drive up ATM’s. When using an ATM’s be mindful of your surroundings. Try to notice anything that is out of place. Use the machines inside of the bank in a well lite area preferably. If you see any cameras mounting anywhere outside of the ATM machine, chances are the bank did not put those up. If you see an overlay over the keyboard, do not use the machine and ask a bank official about it.

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