Black Googlers Network at Google Talks in Silicon Valley

This a great discussion forum that was help at Google by the Global Diversity & Inclusion team and the Black Googlers Network. The panel included heavy weights like Narrow Wright of Interactive One, Soledad O’Brien of CNN and the series “Black in America”, Angela Benton of the NewMe Accelerator, and Chris Genteel of the Diversity Business Development team at Google.

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Does Being Black in Silicon Valley Matter?

Only 1% of venture capital money given in Silicon Valley were black business. The story does not seem to change in spite of how Black people appear in the media. We see successful black people on TV but when you really crunch the numbers on a whole we are not representative in the power positions.

Watch this video as CNN tells the story of how a black guy had to hire a white man to promote his business in order to get the venture capital that he needed to start his business. Black people are among the biggest adapters of technology. We excel in performing arts. Black people need to be given a fair opportunity behind the scenes with technology