Securing Your Online Accounts

It should come as no surprise to you that accounts are being hacked on a daily basis. With so much of our lives online we are making hackers jobs really easy. Hackers have programs that can crack passwords in minutes. This is know as brute force attacks. When we use common numbers and terms we make it to easy for the hacker.

The type of passwords that were recommended yesterday are mandatory today. You should have different passwords for different type of accounts. You can keep a list of these passwords in an encrypted program. Your password must contact an upper case letter, number and a special symbol like the ones that can be found on the number keys on top of your keyboard. This is mandatory in today’s environment.


Block a Bad Guys IP Address From Your Site

Sometimes you have one person that seems to cause you continued stress on your website. This person seems to annoy the daily functions of the site and you just want them to go away. I am going to tell you one of the ways you can start of solving the problem of getting rid of an annoying bad guy.

You can actually check you server logs and match up the hackers IP address then go into your .htaccess file and input some simple code and you will have block the bad guys IP address from your site.