WordPress Resource Intensive Plugins

Resource Intensive Plugins Can Slow Your Website Down

Plugins are a nice part of WordPress. They provide a lot of functionality to your website. Some or them are resource intense plugins that can bog down the server with high demands. If you are are a shared server you need to pay close attention to resource intensive plugins because the web host will close your site down and even your whole account. resource intensive plugins


Security Certificate Invalid or Expired Error in Web Browser

The most common cause of a security certificate error is the computer date and time. When you get a security certificate invalid or security certificate expired error in Firefox, internet explorer or Google chrome one of the first things you need to check is your computer systems date and time.

security certificate error internet explorerAfter correcting the date and time on you Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome, you can go to the website that you was having trouble with and try to get in. If you get the same security certificate expired or invalid error, continue to the website anyway and update the security certificate on it.


Black Googlers Network at Google Talks in Silicon Valley

This a great discussion forum that was help at Google by the Global Diversity & Inclusion team and the Black Googlers Network. The panel included heavy weights like Narrow Wright of Interactive One, Soledad O’Brien of CNN and the series “Black in America”, Angela Benton of the NewMe Accelerator, and Chris Genteel of the Diversity Business Development team at Google.


Accept Credit Card Payments On Your Iphone Or Android Phone With Square

Finally an easy way to accept credit cards for your small business. This service is provided by a company called Square. They will direct deposit to your bank account and send you a card reader that connects to your smart phone in the mail for free. Of course they charge a small percentage per transaction. I discovered them through a video of Google and Black Enterprise Magazine representatives.

square up credit card processing on iphone