Uninstall Programs Stuck In Windows

To remove a program stuck in Windows all you have to do is to manually remove the program folders and the registry entries. You must be very careful because you can mess up your computer if you make a mistake. Go to the program folders and look for the program group of the program you want to get remove from windows then select it and delete it. Next go to start and run and type regedit to get to the registry and do the same thing go to the program groups and delete the entries to the program that you want uninstalled from windows. Check out the following link for more detailed info; http://www.pcfix411.com/consultation/42-tutorial/77-how-to-get-rid-of-programs-stuck-on-windows-


Ipod Will Not Sync With Itunes


Your iPod software can be out of date. All you have to do is to select restore iPod to factory defaults either in the iTunes program or on the iPod itself. This will restore the iPod to the original factory condition. A word of caution is that you will loose all of your songs as they will be erased. If your iPod is still not syncing with iTunes on your PC or mac, then I suggest rebooting both the PC and iPod with the usb plug disconnected. Once the PC is back on and completely booted up, plug in the usb cord on the iPod and iTunes should pop up and you should be able to sync your iPod to iTunes Try to reboot the iPod and PC a few times if necessary, it should work.


Speed Up Windows 7

http://pcfix411.com/consultation/42-tutorial/73-speed-up-windows-7  One of the first things you want to do is to run the disk defragmenter. What Windows 7 disk defragmenter does is it rearranges you files so that they load up quicker. You should be defragmenting your windows 7 hard drive monthly. The next thing that you can do is to run the scan disk checker on your computer. This Windows 7 utility will check your hard drive for bad areas and fix them. http://satellitedirect.gregorygroup.net/




Change Volume And Insert Volume Envelope In Sony Vegas 9

http://pcfix411.com/consultation/42-tutorial/59-change-volume-and-insert-volume-envelope-in-sony-vegas-9 Change Volume And Insert Volume Envelope In Sony Vegas 9. Be sure to visit our site and subscribe to our newsletter for free stuff.
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