FFmpeg Paths for Video Scripts & Hosting

You Will Need FFmpeg Paths For Your Video Scripts

This is pretty much the same across the board. FFmpeg Paths are where your videos scripts video tools are stored on your server. These settings will work on Clip Share, Media Share, Handshakes Professional, OS Tube/Vimp, Php Motion, Royzz, Video Watch, Vidi Script, Viper Wolf, V Share, Hw Video Share, Syret, Clip Center, Clip Bucket, Php Vibe, Tube Ace, Adult Video Script, X Tube, Tube X, Adult Script Pro, Media XXX,  and Mechbunny.

FFmpeg Paths


Arvixe vs Pacific Host Quick Comparison

Arvixe vs Pacific Host Chart

Arvixe Pacific Host
Memory 2 gigs 1 gig
Processes 30 40
Disk Space Unlimited 25 gigs
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Addon Domains 5 4
Monthly Cost $4 $2.49
Besides that they are running the same versions on Linux Cent OS with the
same version of cpanel.

URL Prefix in Adobe Dreamweaver FTP for Pacific and Arvixe Hosting

URL Prefix

Quick URL Prefix Set Up

What I want you to note here is the URL prefix: http://ftp.yoursite.com/public_html/yoursite/, this is the setting that is going to work for Arvixe host and Pacific host when setting up FTP with Adobe  Dreamweaver.

If you are on Blue host, Godaddy or Hostgator than you connection should work fine with URL prefix: public_html/yoursite/.

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Your ATM Card is in Danger

Thief’s Want Your ATM Card

Modern cyber thief’s us devices know as ATM card skimmer to steal you credit and debit card information. These set ups vary in sophistication but the general set up is the thief puts a card skimmer inside of the credit card receptacle at the ATM. This card skimmer reads your credit card information. Thief’s will also install a hidden camera somewhere on top of the ATM to capture you entering you PIN code on video. Another way that the thief’s capture you PIN code is they put an overlay over the keypad.

ATM Card Skimmer Camera