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WordPress Resource Intensive Plugins

Resource Intensive Plugins Can Slow Your Website Down

Plugins are a nice part of WordPress. They provide a lot of functionality to your website. Some or them are resource intense plugins that can bog down the server with high demands. If you are are a shared server you need to pay close attention to resource intensive plugins because the web host will close your site down and even your whole account. resource intensive plugins


WordPress Briefly Unavailable For Scheduled Maintenance

Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance WordPress error

This error happens because there was a break in the operation while updating WordPress. When you get the error briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance it is because the server is reading a temporary text file set up on the server while WordPress updates itself. The WordPress update process is usually really quick so the system puts up this file and removes it when the operation is over. Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance


Founder of Mcafee Anti Virus Wanted For Questioning in Guatamala Murder

Founder of Mcafee is wanted for questioning in Guatemala Murder

Greg Faull alegedly killed by founder of Mcafee
Greg Faull

According to Guatemala authorities John Mcafee’s neighbor Gregory Faull was shot dead and tech mogul John Mcafee the founder of Mcafee anti virus is wanted for questions. There was an arrest warrant issue for him initially, he then fled to Honduras where Mcafee was subsequently arrested and sent back to Guatemala. Once in Guatemala Mcafee got deported back to the US. He is currently in Miami and says this whole thing stems from an election contribution that he did not make to a politician in Guatemala. Mcafee holds dual US and British citizenship.