Massive Cyber Attack Coming in 2013

What Is The Massive Cyber Attack

Mcafee security firm put this warning out saying that there is a super virus that is imminent that will attack American banking institutions. The hackers are after your banking information with their massive cyber attack.

massive cyber attackWill The Massive Cyber Attack Come

The truth of the matter is that your computer is under a massive cyber attack on a daily basis. The reasons that we dont see these things as apparent is because of all the security software that we have on our computers and our banks have on their servers. The massive security attack will affect Windows computers with the most impact. The reason is when hackers write a spyware, malware virus they tend to focus on the Windows operating system because that is the most popular operating system and they can reach more people. The Linux operating system would be the next most effected because hacker are expect in Linux\Unix. Linux is the most popular operating system on the servers on the Internet.

Best Way To Prepare For The Massive Cyber Attack

Just make sure to keep your Internet browsers, anti virus, anti spyware and operating system up to date. Stay away from suspect websites and apps on social networks. Do not download free music and movies because malware is packed into these files. These are some of the things you can do to lower your chances of getting caught in this massive cyber attack coming in 2013.

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