Cyber Criminals Hacked 4 Million Computers Within 4 Years

A gang of Internet hackers got caught after a 4 year run. It goes to show your that you computer can never really and truely be safe. Its a shame that Windows users for the most part have to continously amp up their security but they must keep in mind that most of these viruses are written to execute on the Windows operating system and mainly on Internet Explorer because it is the most popular platform. Attacking Windows computers gives thieve more bang for their buck. The best thing that you can do is to keep your security software up to date and turn it up to one of the highest levels.

An Eastern European pack of cyber thieves known as the Rove group hijacked at least four million computers in over 100 countries, including at least half a million computers in the U.S., to make off with $14 million in “illegitimate income” before they were caught, federal officials announced today.

The malware allegedly used in the “massive and sophisticated scheme” also managed to infect computers in U.S. government agencies including NASA and targeted the websites for major institutions like iTunes, Netflix and the IRS — forcing users attempting to get to those sites to different websites entirely, according to a federal indictment unsealed in New York today.

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