How to Find Good Webhosting Services in Atlanta

I you are a web savy person you can do a search to find a few Atlanta web hosting companies to choose from. I do recommend for the novice or the professional that is not going to put to much time into selecting the right web hosting company to find a good web developer who can do all of the footwork for you. From designing your website to marketing and managing it, the guys over at PcFix411 can put your business on automatic pilot.

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URL Prefix in Adobe Dreamweaver FTP for Pacific and Arvixe Hosting

URL Prefix

Quick URL Prefix Set Up

What I want you to note here is the URL prefix:, this is the setting that is going to work for Arvixe host and Pacific host when setting up FTP with AdobeĀ  Dreamweaver.

If you are on Blue host, Godaddy or Hostgator than you connection should work fine with URL prefix: public_html/yoursite/.

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