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FFmpeg Paths for Video Scripts & Hosting

You Will Need FFmpeg Paths For Your Video Scripts

This is pretty much the same across the board. FFmpeg Paths are where your videos scripts video tools are stored on your server. These settings will work on Clip Share, Media Share, Handshakes Professional, OS Tube/Vimp, Php Motion, Royzz, Video Watch, Vidi Script, Viper Wolf, V Share, Hw Video Share, Syret, Clip Center, Clip Bucket, Php Vibe, Tube Ace, Adult Video Script, X Tube, Tube X, Adult Script Pro, Media XXX,  and Mechbunny.

FFmpeg Paths


Flip Ultra HD Vs HTC Evo Shift Video Comparison


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Sync Audio in Sony Vegas

Here is a quick to on how to fix issue with audio losing sync on Sony Vegas. We all know about matching your projects settings. You know the source to the Vegas project to the render settings. But here is one thing you guys will find useful.

When you put a title of graphic of some sort into your project its default setting is about 5 seconds and you usually drag is through out your project. This can through the sync of just a bit. What you should do instead is to complete your project then enter the text or graphic last. Once you put it in right click on it go to edit generated media and change the duration to the link of the project.