WordPress Briefly Unavailable For Scheduled Maintenance

Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance WordPress error

This error happens because there was a break in the operation while updating WordPress. When you get the error briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance it is because the server is reading a temporary text file set up on the server while WordPress updates itself. The WordPress update process is usually really quick so the system puts up this file and removes it when the operation is over. Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance


URL Prefix in Adobe Dreamweaver FTP for Pacific and Arvixe Hosting

URL Prefix

Quick URL Prefix Set Up

What I want you to note here is the URL prefix: http://ftp.yoursite.com/public_html/yoursite/, this is the setting that is going to work for Arvixe host and Pacific host when setting up FTP with AdobeĀ  Dreamweaver.

If you are on Blue host, Godaddy or Hostgator than you connection should work fine with URL prefix: public_html/yoursite/.

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