Security Certificate Invalid or Expired Error in Web Browser

The most common cause of a security certificate error is the computer date and time. When you get a security certificate invalid or security certificate expired error in Firefox, internet explorer or Google chrome one of the first things you need to check is your computer systems date and time.

security certificate error internet explorerAfter correcting the date and time on you Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome, you can go to the website that you was having trouble with and try to get in. If you get the same security certificate expired or invalid error, continue to the website anyway and update the security certificate on it.


Cyber Criminals Hacked 4 Million Computers Within 4 Years

A gang of Internet hackers got caught after a 4 year run. It goes to show your that you computer can never really and truely be safe. Its a shame that Windows users for the most part have to continously amp up their security but they must keep in mind that most of these viruses are written to execute on the Windows operating system and mainly on Internet Explorer because it is the most popular platform. Attacking Windows computers gives thieve more bang for their buck. The best thing that you can do is to keep your security software up to date and turn it up to one of the highest levels.