Sprint Add On Charge

I have Sprint as my cell phone carrier and I was looking at my bill today and noticed that Sprint actually charges you $1.99 for receiving a paper bill. So I am going to be calling them now to let them know I do not want a paper bill. The is crazy how a lot of business monopoly types are charging you for standard stuff.

My gas company charges a non negotiable customer service fee for their call centers, but thats another post.


Flip Ultra HD Vs HTC Evo Shift Video Comparison


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Accept Credit Card Payments On Your Iphone Or Android Phone With Square

Finally an easy way to accept credit cards for your small business. This service is provided by a company called Square. They will direct deposit to your bank account and send you a card reader that connects to your smart phone in the mail for free. Of course they charge a small percentage per transaction. I discovered them through a video of Google and Black Enterprise Magazine representatives.

square up credit card processing on iphone