Flip Ultra HD Vs HTC Evo Shift Video Comparison


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Trouble Installing Drivers

If you are having trouble installing drivers in your computer there is usually a simple fix for it. The first place that you need to check is device manager in your operating system. Once you have pin pointed that the device is not working properly or does not have a drive installed you can find the driver you want to install. Device manager will show a yellow exclamation mark by the device to indicate that there is a problem.


Speed Up Video Clip in Sony Vegas

There are two ways to speed up a video clip in Sony Vegas. The first way is to right click on the clip itself and go to properties then playback rate and up that number. I believe it maxes out at 4x.

The second way to speed up a video clip in Sony Vegas is to select the clip itself in the video timeline then hold the CTRL key and drag the clip toward the left.  I prefer the second method because I can visually see that the clip has changed in the timeline. In the first method you will not see a smaller clip but you will see swervy lines to indicate a change.