Does Being Black in Silicon Valley Matter?

Only 1% of venture capital money given in Silicon Valley were black business. The story does not seem to change in spite of how Black people appear in the media. We see successful black people on TV but when you really crunch the numbers on a whole we are not representative in the power positions.

Watch this video as CNN tells the story of how a black guy had to hire a white man to promote his business in order to get the venture capital that he needed to start his business. Black people are among the biggest adapters of technology. We excel in performing arts. Black people need to be given a fair opportunity behind the scenes with technology


Accept Credit Card Payments On Your Iphone Or Android Phone With Square

Finally an easy way to accept credit cards for your small business. This service is provided by a company called Square. They will direct deposit to your bank account and send you a card reader that connects to your smart phone in the mail for free. Of course they charge a small percentage per transaction. I discovered them through a video of Google and Black Enterprise Magazine representatives.

square up credit card processing on iphone




Flip Ultra HD vs Kodak ZI8 vs Creative Vado HD

The debate goes on which portable camcorder is the best? we here the flip ultra hd is the best or the Kodak zi8 is better and the creative vado hd gets a lot of buzz. So what is the deal? which camera to go with? How are you going to narrow down which of the three to chose from?

Flip Ultra HD vs Kodak ZI8 vs Creative Vado HD 1The flip ultra hd vs the Kodak zi8, or the flip ultra hd vs the creative vado hd. The Kodak zi8 vs the flip ultra hd or the Kodak zi8 vs the creative vado hd. The creative vado hd vs the flip ultra hd or the creative vado hd vs the Kodak zi8. I hope you get what I mean.